dimanche 9 décembre 2012

SMUG 2012 - Parc d'Oka

SMUG 2012 - July, 3rd to 7th - Oka Park
Thanks to Debbie for the organization of 
those good moments with unschoolers!
Erika showing Jerome how to play zombie dice

Jerome laughing playing with Erika
Litsong painting

Stephane seems interested
Erika giving a demo of twirling for ATC's cards
Olivier making breakfast with his juice extractor

pancakes with Erika
and some music


want pancakes? 

one thing I love at SMUG 
is those interesting conversations
with all those lovely unschoolers
In back: Patrick and Oli 
At the table: Andrea, Jerome and Stef

and music, of course
Wen, Adli, Idzie

brothers lunching

raw sandwiches

dragon fruit

lunching, chatting, making arts, 
having good time

Wen feeding an invisible squirrel

Hey dad!




like a bird

Litsong flying kyte

beautiful, and peaceful

Wen playing guitar, anyhow, anywhere

crazy guy

and nobody is looking...

music, drawing

Arriving at the beach

Jerome and Stephane

Edith, Jerome, Stephane

After my 1st ever unschooling mom's workshop sitting in a lake - Thanks to Erika and Andrea for such a delicious moment

potluck at night

music around the campfire

almost sleeping

playing with fire stick

Litsong singing from the heart, Andrea and Patrick listening

my lovely son


Edith and Jerome

ATC's at midnight with Erika

Debbie working quietly


blue bird

can't stop laughing

our bedroom at the Gite

Erika never giving up on pancakes

last breakfast

packing? done!

Debbie's packing

stairs inside the Gite

cleaning... but who's sweeping the floor?

cleaning? done!

what time is it, asks Olivier, with his sundial... last time we saw it...

ready guys?

smile, see you !

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